Annual Report 2013

This year has seen some changes in the Trustees. Rogan Spears joined the Trust early in 2013 taking on the position of Treasurer and quickly came to grips with the financial processes of the Trust. As a lawyer, Rogan has many skills that assist the running of the Trust. With the appointment of a new Treasurer and using the experience and knowledge held by Vivienne Mountier [previous Treasurer] the Board took time to review its accounting processes and contracted Janice Tomlin as Finance Administrator for the Trust. This appointment has proved to be most successful, with Janice providing excellent support to Rogan and the Board.

Towards the end of 2013 we said goodbye to Vivienne Mountier a founding member of the Trust. Vivienne’s contribution was significant in her support for the work of the Trust with families and practitioners and in the Treasurer role which she held for much of the time between 2006 and mid-2013. Vivienne ensured we functioned and continue to function in a transparent and accountable manner. She was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic supporter of the Incredible Years parenting programme and that it be available to parents in the community. Vivienne was similarly supportive of the programme of training in the Watch, Wait and Wonder Intervention and in the Trust partially funding and running training in the Fostering Families Intervention. We wish her well with her future endeavours.

Another change was the resignation of our long serving Administrator, Vicki Nelson. Vicki was instrumental in creating the excellent data bases that advertise the parenting courses offered by the Trust and kept track of all the people applying to attend the courses. She was meticulous in ensuring that the Trust met all the requirements of accountability reports for the various grant bodies and the contracts we obtained. Vicki has returned to the Education Workforce and we wish her well. Again, we have been very fortunate in recruiting Jane Dunbier as our new General Administrator who is very experienced in administrative work. With, substantial administrative experience and the capacity to work well with people from a variety of backgrounds and training, Jane has grasped the requirements of the position in record time and all is continuing to run smoothly.

The two programmes offered by the Trust, professional training in the Watch Wait and Wonder® Intervention and for parents, the Incredible Years Parent Programme continue to be run successfully.

Watch, Wait, and Wonder® Intervention:

The Trust ran an Introductory and an Advanced Course in November 2013 both of which were well attended by clinicians working with young children and families in New Zealand and Australia. Four of the five clinicians given Training Scholarships in 2012 attended the Advanced Course for a day directed to understanding metalizing within this particular intervention. Congratulations to T Furstenberg, currently working in Perinatal Mental Health in the Lakes DHB, on completing her training and becoming accredited for independent practice of the WWW-Intervention.
Towards the end of the year we received a further donation from the Dove Trust to create new Training Scholarships and to support monthly supervision for those practitioners who have completed training. There’s always something to learn.

Incredible Years Parent Programme:

Further contracts were obtained from the Ministry of Education for the delivery of the Incredible Years and in addition to various grants from six other Charitable Trusts and programmes were provided across the Wellington region. Many thanks go to Carterton Rotary, Winton & Margaret Bear Trust, Wairarapa Anglican Family Trust, Lottery Community Trust that enabled us to deliver these extra programmes. These grants have also allowed us to retain the services of our excellent facilitators and the new contract from the Ministry of Education that runs until 2017 provides us with an opportunity to have longer term planning of courses. This will assist us in responding to the ever growing requests for places on our courses from the community. Diana Linforth-Howden, the Trustee responsible for Project Managing this programme for the Trust, has been appointed a Mentor in Training by the creator of the programme, Dr. Carolyn Webster Stratton. Diana will join the other two Mentors in New Zealand in ensuring fidelity of the delivery of this programme by supporting other NGO’s around the country and by providing supervision and review of taped work.

Fostering Changes Programme:

After considerable discussion and careful thought, the Trustees led by Dr Vivienne Mountier supported the introduction of another programme into New Zealand. This programme is specifically for foster parents and utilises concepts from the Incredible Years parenting programmes. Developed by Professor Scott and his team at the Maudsley Hospital in London, the programme has been researched and found to be effective for foster families where the children have been disturbed and emotionally distressed. New Zealand has a high incidence of multiple placements for foster children, which is a predictor of very poor outcome for them and this programme supports foster parents to have a realistic understanding of these children and gives them tools to manage their distressed behaviour. The Trustees applied and were successful in getting a donation from The Sutherland Trust. This helped fund two trainers from the Maudsley Hospital to visit Wellington in October 2013 providing training to twenty clinicians so they can with ongoing supervision deliver this programme to foster parents. The Trust plans to run a programme for Foster parents in 2014 and hopes to create co-operative delivery of the programme with other providers.

Dr Denise Guy on behalf of the Incredible Families Charitable Trust made a submission to the Health Committee’s “Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse with a focus on preconception until three years of age.” The Report was released in November 2013

The Trustees offer heartfelt thanks to all the Charitable Trusts that have made generous donations to enable us to continue in this work and look forward to the coming year.

Diana Linforth-Howden

Denise Guy

Incredible Families Charitable Trust
PO Box 19259 Courtenay Place, Wellington 6149

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