Supporting loving and secure relationships keeping our children in mind


How much does it cost?
Nothing, as the Trust is supported by grants from a number of organisations.

Who is it for?
Parents and caregivers of children aged between 3 and 8 years.

Do both parents / all caregivers in the home have to attend?
If it is possible please do so, as parents/caregivers find it very helpful and they support each other with learning new skills. However many parents/caregivers do attend on their own. Sometimes parents/caregivers will bring a friend or relative as a support person.

Can other caregivers attend?
YES. Many grandparents and foster parents attend. How long is the course? 14–16 weeks. Daytime courses do not run during the school holidays but our evening courses usually do.

How long is each session?
2.5–3 hours each week.

What time of the day are the courses run?
Most of the courses are held in the morning but we do occasionally run evening courses.

Do I need to attend each week?
Yes, unless you or your child/children are unwell. It is very important that over the course of the programme you keep the session times free from other appointments.

Is there a crèche?
Unfortunately not, so families will need to arrange their own childcare. We can help out with the costs of childcare.

Where are the courses being run?
Courses are run across different venues in the wider Wellington region.