Supporting loving and secure relationships keeping our children in mind

FC Information for Carers

“I loved it! I loved the trainers and the content. From being totally unmanageable, Jake has gone to being calm and well-behaved.”
Sandra, foster carer and Fostering Changes course participant

What is Fostering Changes?

  • Fostering Changes is a twelve-week programme for carers who are looking after children and adolescents that have had a difficult start to life and are no longer living with their parents.
  • Fostering Changes is the only evidence-based programme specifically designed for caregivers.
  • Fostering Changes aims to help carers understand why children and adolescents who have been neglected and abused may present with challenging and difficult behaviour.
  • Improve communication
  • Learn new skills to promote education and help your children access education.
  • Fostering Changes will also help carers to develop skills that will enable children and adolescents to manage their behaviour and learn alternative strategies, ultimately enabling the family to communicate needs and worries.

What do foster carers say about Fostering Changes?

  • “As a new foster carer, coming on this course has opened my eyes”
  • “I have become more patient, things that used to get on top of me don’t anymore, instead of focusing on the negative I focus on the positive now. Yes this course is brilliant”
  • “I do more listening and less talking, I have become stronger now”
  • “If I knew what I know now many years ago, I would not have given up on so many children. I feel like a new carer”

What does a typical Fostering Changes group look like?

  • Every course is delivered by two experienced facilitators who have worked with children in care for many years.
  • Every new participant will be seen at home before the course starts, this gives us an opportunity to meet you and your family and understand what you child needs and your goals.
  • Some groups will meet fortnightly, others weekly. Each group lasts for 2–3 hours. We will support you with travel and babysitting costs.
  • Your facilitators will give you weekly telephone calls to check in and see how the programme is working for you and will come to your home if necessary.
  • We will make sure that all strategies you work on are designed and workable for your family.
  • Where there is a demand we have specific groups for adopters and grandparents.
  • We also hope that you will develop a support network and have lots of fun!

Programme content

  • How to notice and track behaviour?
  • Building relationships
  • How to foster learning
  • Help to develop social skills
  • Learn new skills to manage emotions and behaviour
  • Managing and looking after ourselves

Please click here for a PDF of the course session content.