Supporting loving and secure relationships keeping our children in mind

Information for Funders

Why support our Incredible Years Programme?

There has been a huge investment in Incredible Years in New Zealand over the past 10 years due to parents requesting support with managing and helping their children to develop socially, emotionally and psychologically.

International evidence clearly illustrates the success of the Incredible Years programme in reducing behavioural difficulties, developing positive social skills and accessing education. Evidence also clearly indicates that Incredible Years is a preventive intervention in reducing serious behavioural difficulties.

Who have we helped?

Incredible Families programmes have reached over 2000 families to date.

How can you help?

Incredible Families currently has a small contract with the Ministry of Education to deliver programmes in the Greater Wellington area. However, this does not meet the constant referral and demand from parents for more programmes. As a trust we rely heavily on the generosity of other funders to assist us in delivering these programmes and would be grateful for any donations to assist us in this valuable work.

A group costs $24,000 to deliver, that’s $1,500 per family.Please help us to make these programmes available to families.

Please contact us to donate.