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“Those that are nurtured best, survive best”
Louis Cozolino (2006)

Incredible Families is a registered charitable trust (CC37705) committed to working alongside families, carers and practitioners to provide programmes that support emotional, social and cognitive wellbeing for children and their whanau.

We have chosen three evidence-based programmes that promote healthy and secure parent-child relationships with the knowledge that this is the most important protective factor for children’s self-esteem, emotional regulation, learning and positive peer relationships. Warm, responsive parenting contributes resilience in the face of chronic adversity and stress.

Any dollar spent supporting our early intervention programmes for families and training for practitioners to support families, is money well spent.


Early childhood development rate of return

This was highlighted in the 2013 NZ Government report on improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse. You may decide as an individual or as an organisation to support the work of the trust or to support an individual programme.


Incredible Years Parenting Programme

New Zealand has invested in this programme and parents want support with managing and helping their children to develop well socially, emotionally and with their learning
International and national evidence demonstrates the success of the Incredible Years programme in reducing behavioural difficulties, developing positive social skills and accessing education.
We have reached over 2,000 families to date
We have over 50 families on our waiting listDonations support families to attend or groups to be run in different communities
Fund one family/parent to attend a course – 14 weeks, three home visits and a book $1,500
Fund half a course $12,000
Fund a complete course $24,000
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Fostering Changes

Twenty-five years of research and practice highlights the provision of stable and positive placements as key to improving outcomes for children neglected or abused and removed from their whanau.
Children requiring foster care placements often present with challenging behaviours and mental health difficulties. Caregivers need specialist training and support to sustain positive placements.
Fund one caregiver to attend a course – 12 weeks, three home visits and a manual $1,500
Fund half a course $7,500
Fund a complete course $15,000
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Watch, Wait and Wonder® Training

Incredible Families offers a complete training programme for practitioners working with infants and young children in New Zealand and Australia
The programme is in line with standards developed in Canada
Practitioners are working in home-visiting teams, child development teams, perinatal and infant mental health services
The intervention supports improvements in infant’s cognitive capacities, regulation of emotions and in shifting young children’s disorganised attachment patterns to organised attachment relationships.
Fund places for practitioners to attend Introductory or Advanced trainings $850
Contribute to the funding of a course $2,000
Fund Scholarships for training after the Advanced Course
Full Scholarship $8,000
Half Scholarship $4,000
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